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Fuck it, Photography!
On the occasion of photo+, SETAREH X is pleased to present the first solo exhibition with Peter Miller. In his conceptual and playful approach, Peter Miller explores the conditions and possibilities of photography.
The objects, installations and wall pieces shown for the first time in the exhibition reflect, in a pointed and humorous way, the manifestations of the medium, its physical-chemical foundations, the analogue and digital processes connected with it, as well as its imaging function and meaningfulness.
The two works Songs of the Sky I & II consist of torn color photographs of cloud formations and suggest landscapes, mountains, or wave formations in an almost impressionistic manner.
Song of the Sky (I) & (II), 2022
Unique, collaged C-Prints
each 90 x 65 cm
How to hold more things than you have
hands for, 2022
5 C-Prints in a photo installations
163 x 127 cm
SETAREH X is pleased to present the solo exhibition by Peter Miller under the title Fuck it, Photography!
The work HiQHaiku, installed in a corner of the gallery space like a paravent, consists of five silhouettes cut out of canvas fabric, on which poems in the verse meter of Japanese haikus are fixed with the help of cyanotype1. The content of these verses links the desire to fix light with the human need for vitamin D to feel happy – making the search for happiness seem like a photographic problem in a metaphorical sense. The fact that the artist exposed the text of his “figures of thought” on a tanning bed, underscores his uncompromising search for new forms and possibilities of photography.
HiQHaiku, 2022
Cyanotype on canvas, free hanging
180 x 300 cm
NF2, 2022
Digital print on canvas,
120 x 90 cm
Hello, 2022
Grid of 12 C-Printseach
18 x 12 cm
The Semester, 2022
cyanotype on 14 cotton shirts,
photo background tripod
180 x 52 x 390 cm
Freuds Blinky, 2022
Wool and acrylic
220 x 140 cm

Silver gelatin print
50 x 60 cm
PETER MILLERPeter Miller (b. 1978 in Burlington, Vermont, USA) studied at the School of Art Institute of Chicago. After teaching at the Friedl Kubelka School in Vienna, he worked during a DAAD scholarship at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. Since 2018, Peter Miller has been teaching as a professor for photography and time-based media at the Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen.