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Danny Romeril
SETAREH is pleased to present Meet the Artist, an online series where you will get to know young talented artists and their work. An insight to their practice, connection to art and what inspires them. In this episode we present Danny Romeril.

Danny Romeril (b. 1996) graduated from 'Central Saint Martins', London in 2019 whereupon he participated in the 'La Brea Studio Residency' in Los Angeles, which resulted in a first double-show, together with Florence Hutchings, at 'The Cabin LA'. One Hit Wonder at ‘New Arts Project’, London (2019), was his first major solo show. Followed by Music Shop Music at 'Galerie Thomas Fuchs', Stuttgart. His pieces have been selected for the group shows Antisocial Isolation. at the ‘Saatchi Gallery’ and FBA futures at ‘Mall Galleries’, both in 2020. In the same year, Romeril was part of the duo exhibition the space between together with Florence Hutchings at SETAREH X. The artist has been recently shown in the group exhibitions Oxlade Soup (after Roy) at Terrace Gallery London and Anthem at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens in Cornwall.
Danny Romeril’s works focus on nature, music and the visual worlds associated with it: from landscape painting to still lifes of instruments.
Characteristic of his paintings and works on paper are the almost physical-looking figurations and musical instruments, painted in pasty colours, with an almost three-dimensional impression, as well as numerous references to art history.
Danny Romeril
Red Forest, 2021
oil and spray on canvas
167 x 152 cm
Danny Romeril
Trees and smokers, 2019-2021
oil and collage on canvas
124 x 124 cm
What is the emotion moves you to a painting?
Danny Romeril: I thought about this and I don’t really have one particular emotion that moves me to make a painting. I go to the studio, no matter how I’m feeling. But I guess the thing that makes me paint, is the curiosity about painting and image making. And I love doing it. It is not always easy, it’s sometimes quite hard to do a painting. But it is the curiosity about, how can I make an image, like a painting or sculpture or print-make or drawing, doesn’t matter what I’m doing. I guess it is probably curiosity, if it would be one emotion. I’m interested in trying to surprise myself in the studio. I don’t go in with a plan or anything. Sometimes I find that, if I go in with a plan, it never happens that way. So, I kind of leave that open and see what happens.
Danny Romeril
Antique Shop Instruments, 2020
oil on canvas
150 x 120 cm
What inspires you the most?
Danny Romeril: I like looking at stuff in the world , something that intrigues me in an image, like a tree or a like a chimney with a lot of chimney pots. I’ve been interested in trying to make smoke bubbles, as solid forms in a painting. When you see people smoking, they have these big bubbles and this is a solid object. I’m inspired by basically anything. Where it captures my eye, I want to paint that. For a long time, it was music and that images of music. And just recently I found out of that, so I’ve been painting trees. It is totally the same thing for me, I’m not doing anything different and I still listen to music a lot, but it just not so physical in the painting.
Looking into the future - Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
Danny Romeril: I will still be painting and sculpting. I kind of take it day by day, like I take a painting by painting. I don’t have any big plans, just focusing on what is next and go with it.