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Gregor Gleiwitz - Monstera: I'm sitting on the edge of my eye
SETAREH is showcasing new paintings by the artist Gregor Gleiwitz, introducing around 20 new works in a comprehensive presentation in the Königsallee gallery space. This selection of works draws attention to Gleiwitz‘s most recent artistic development.
The title „Monstera“ leads us mentally into a jungle. „Monstera Deliciosa“ is not a figure, not a monster, but a houseplant that is well known in everyday life, whose leaves and growth, as well as its origin from a tropical environment, enable a comparison to be made with the differently interwoven lines in the artist‘s pictures. The second part of the title, „I’m Sitting on the Edge of my Eye“, describes an anecdote from Gleiwitz‘s young years as a painter, when he tried, in the style of the Surrealists, to get to his unconscious, his inner-being, with the help of a trick in order to be able to paint this dream picture.