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Broadway The Hard Way
Achim Duchow (1948–1993), Christof Kohlhöfer (b. 1942, lives in Los Angeles), Memphis Schulze (1944–2008): three artists whose paths were closely linked in the 1970s and who lived during the period of late Pop Art between a social-critical spirit, humorous commentary, and free and visionary artistic worlds.
t was a period of many collaborations, resulting in numerous joint works with Sigmar Polke. This dense and still not entirely investigated period of the 1970s is currently under exploration at the exhibition Singular. Plural. Kollaborationen in der Post-Pop- Politik-Arena at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf (on view until October 1, 2017). The exhibition Broadway the Hard Way at SETAREH takes a look ahead and focuses on the 1980s.